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Luisa Toro, Rukibee, is a 90s baby born and raised in Colombia but permanently moved to Austria in 2018.

She studied journalism but then decided to pursue a different career doing what she truly loves: painting, drawing and taking photographs. Along the way she has worked several random jobs to get by but she’s now focused on being able to dedicate full time to her art. 

As a kid she loved to draw birds and landscapes. Being an introvert, she has always had a wide imagination, constantly creating fantasy stories in her mind that now she wants to portray on paper.

Back in 2012 she started to consider putting more time into art and attempted to draw some comic strips. Then she started to learn how to paint with watercolours and they became her favourite medium.

She also has knowledge on digital art and photo retouch and edition. She is skilled with Photoshop and Illustrator which eventually she plans to incorporate into her art more constantly.

During the first lockdown in 2020 she took online drawing courses that allowed her to know more about painting with colour pencils and graphite and now she has the determination to do this for a living, experimenting with colour pencils, graphite, ink and watercolours.


Most of my artwork is painted with mix media, fluctuating between watercolours, colour pencils, graphite, ink fineliners and a little bit of acrylic paint. I usually draw quick and rough sketches on a notebook, I write down colour schemes ideas and details I want to portray in the final piece. I also use Photoshop to test those colour schemes before beginning to actually paint.

My artwork portrays, most of all, nature. Animals, flowers and plants are my usual subjects but I like to place them in dreamlike and whimsical environments with bright colours, strong contrasts and glowing details.

I have always loved fantasy, science fiction and Japanese animation and I incorporate these in my work. Also, I am an introvert and shy person who has always found rejoice and shelter in my own mind, imagining universes and stories of magical creatures and the power of nature.

Hayao Miyazaki, Vincent Van Gogh and Odilon Redon have widely influenced my artistic style because of their colours of choice and also because of the matter of their work.

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